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1-room apartmet

400-450 UAH - 2 hours;
800 UAH - the night;
900-1000 UAH - per day

400 UAH - 2 hours;
700 UAH - the night;
750-850 UAH - per day

450 UAH - 2 hours;
800 UAH - the night;
900-1000 UAH - per day

450 UAH - 2 hours;
800 UAH - the night;
900-1000 UAH - per day

500 UAH - 2 hours;
1200 UAH - the night;
1200-1500 UAH - per day

450 UAH - 2 hours;
1000 UAH - the night;
1200-1400 UAH - per day

450 UAH - 2 hours;
800 UAH - the night;
900-1000 UAH - per day

450 UAH - 2 hours;
800 UAH - the night;
900-1100 UAH - per day

Apartments for rent Dnepr

Rent apartments in Dnipropetrovsk is particularly relevant for students, workers, tourists and people who come on a business trip or a visit. In this beautiful and big city of Ukraine attracts people from all over the world.

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There are a large number of business centers and so come here often delegates of other countries for conferences and congresses. The city has a considerable number of cultural monuments, beautiful parks for relaxing, a nice river Dnepr, various museums, art galleries and theaters. The issue of housing for these people is very important. Some personalities prefer hotel rooms, but many prefer to rent apartments in Dnepropetrovsk. The hotel is more expensive and inconvenient option, so rent apartments in Dnepropetrovsk enjoys overwhelming demand. In a hotel room or at home is not possible to cook tasty food, to which many people are accustomed to, and eat food from the cafe is not desirable. In addition, do not arrange loud party at the hotel.

Rent apartments in Dnipropetrovsk interesting for a friendly company of people who come to the city to carry out a tour and visit the most beautiful historical sites. To rent an apartment Dnepropetrovsk prefer couples and newlyweds. Temporary housing is necessary for those who have decided to make repairs in their home.

Rent apartments in Dnipropetrovsk – this is a great option for temporary accommodation. You can come at any time, since there is no strict daily routine, as in some hotels.
Housing elite class is located in comfortable homes that are equipped with secure parking for cars in the yard, or underground parking lots. Therefore, car owners can sleep and not worry about his “iron friend”.

Advantages of renting apartments in Dnepropetrovsk:
– Complete confidentiality;
– A high level of convenience;
– Home furnishings and comfort;
– Unlimited freedom;
– Saving money.

Agency «24Home» Real Estate operates in the market already for many years. During his tenure, we were able to win the respect and confidence of its customers, as we offer delivery of housing at an affordable price. We have a large database of different housing value and comfort. Together with our apartment rentals by the hour and by the day Dnepropetrovsk available in any area. All housing issues we take on, and give you a grand opportunity to enjoy the beauty of our city, and spend your time perfectly.
By visiting our site, you are free to find accommodation, see the offer photos of rooms.

For students, we help you find housing economy class, which will be located near schools. Tourists will be able to settle in areas that are located near the sights. And came on a business trip can enjoy living in the area, which houses the office centers and organizations.
Housing, which shall, as a rule, in addition to TV and phone, equipped with Internet access, which allows temporary residents working in the normal mode, and to communicate freely. But even the best hotel only has a bathroom and a living room.

Rent apartments in Dnipropetrovsk will provide you with comfort, saves budget and will allow fully enjoy a trip to this city.


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