Apartments for rent, DAILY and hourly in Dnepr (097) 266-7000 (063) 798-4700 (050) 030-9050 (067) 683-3786

st. Glinka, 2 MOST-CITY, 15th floor, 2 bedroom (2 + 2)

Bridge City is a new building in the heart of the city located at 2 Glinka St. Perhaps a group accommodation in the presence of more than one number at this address.
The original design of the rooms is 70 m2, they are equipped with plasma TVs, huge double beds, double sofas, satellite TV, wi-fi, and absolutely everything necessary for a comfortable stay. We guarantee perfect cleanliness and confidentiality!
Near Passage, embankment, circus, TRK Most City.

Rental price:
700 UAH - 2 hours;
1700 UAH - night;
2000-3000 UAH per day

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(050) 030-9050
(097) 266-7000