Apartments for rent, DAILY and hourly in Dnepr (097) 266-7000 (063) 798-4700 (050) 030-9050 (067) 683-3786

Two-room studio suite in a new building on the 20th floor with a balcony and a gorgeous view of the city. With a separate bedroom, a large living room and a kitchen-studio, 2 separate beds, namely a double sofa bed and a double bed! The apartment is large, bright and spacious, all the furniture and appliances are new, perfect cleanliness and order.

The apartment is located in the city center and is equipped with everything necessary for a comfortable stay. Perfect cleanliness!


Rental price:
500 UAH - 2 hours;
1100 UAH - night;
1400-1800 UAH per day

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(050) 030-9050
(097) 266-7000