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Alexandra Polya, 27D, 21th floor (2)

Cool studio with a gorgeous panoramic view of the city from 21 floors and warm floors throughout the apartment (it's hot in the apartment). The apartment is located in the city center and is equipped with everything you need for a comfortable stay. Perfect cleanliness. Bathrobes, bedding, towels, slippers. We guarantee confidentiality!

The apartment is located 5 minutes from the center of Dnipro. The apartment has everything you need for a comfortable stay, similar to a luxury hotel room. Near supermarkets, restaurants, cafes, the Dnepr-Arena stadium, the central park. Globa, 10 minutes - Most-City shopping center and Apollo shopping center.


Rental price:
500 UAH - 2 hours;
900 UAH - night;
1000-1400 UAH per day

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(050) 030-9050
(097) 266-7000