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Victory Embankment, 44, RIVER PARK 12 floor (2)

Chic LUX-studio with designer renovation, on the 12th floor of a 12-storey building in the new River Park residential complex on Victory 1 railway station, from the balcony a beautiful view of the Dnipro and Sentosa Wake Park opens! The apartment has everything you need for a comfortable stay, independent heating and floor heating throughout the apartment! Walking distance to the Bartolomeo night club, Baron Razgulyaev restaurant, Sentosa wake park, Happy Day water park and Coastal square.

Rental price:
500 UAH - 2 hours,
every next hour +50 hryvnia;
1200 UAH - night (from 20.00 to 09.00);
1200-1500 UAH per day.

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(050) 030-9050
(097) 266-7000